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How to keep those pounds away for good (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this series How to keep those pounds away, I described the Medifast diet Transition phase, the phase you go through once you have achieved your weight loss goal, on your way to the Medifast diet Maintenance phase.  I will conclude this series with the details on the Maintenance phase.

The goal of the maintenance phase is to keep your desired weight that you achived through Medifast weightloss plan for the rest of your life. Hence the goal of this phase is simple: Not to gain wait. Remember that you took in less calories that you burned during the dieting phase? In this phase you ensure that you can keep the calorie intake similar to what you burn to give your body a steady state of weight.

As you did with the 5 & 1 plan (5 lean meals & 1 green meal), you can continue eating 6 meals a day, snacking every 2-3 hours. But now, you can cut back on the Medifast meals to just 2-3 times a day. Happily eat fruits, low fat dairy, whoile grains and even high carb vegetables as long as you stay within your personal daily calorie limit.

How do you know you are keeping those pounds away? Simple! Weigh yourself once or twice a week regularly to give yourself feedback if you need

to make any adjustments in your calorie intake. It is best to weigh during the same time of the day each time for consistent reading. I keep a scale in my bathroom, and just step on it every now and then in the morning while brushing my teeth. Keep it convenient, and in no time you will be doing it regularly without any effort put into it.

If you see an upward trend, and if you exceed your desired weight range, no worries.  Do what is called a Medifast Blitz, where you follow the Medifast 5 & 1 plan for just a few weeks to reach your desired weight.

Just like you did during the 5 & 1 dieting, keep drinking a lot of water during transition and maintenance. water helps your body cleanse the toxins, helps keep your skin looking fresh and healthy, and maintain muscle tone. Dring at least 8 glasses of water (64 Oz). You can also drink any other calorie-free drinks like tea, diet soda etc if you like.

The study shows that those that get support along with their weight maintenance strategies succeed much more easily. Help from a frend, co-worker or a family member can  help you at your goal easier. Some people prefer formal weight maintenance groups like WeightWatchers but that is not necessary for everyone to achieve the goals.

Final tip is to include a little exercise as part of your day. Park your car farther at work or when you go for shopping. Use stairs instead of elevators. You will be surprised how much your body will pay you back for these little exercises.

To summarize, you can keep your pounds away with the Medifast diet maintenance plan by following some of these tips:

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  • Eat healthy breakfast everyday
  • Eat low fat meals 6 times a day + eat fresh vegetables. Simply keep your calorie intake to what you burn
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday
  • Add exercise to your regular day
  • Monitor your weight and act early if you see the upward trend
  • Get support

I wish you good luck in keeping your weight to where you want it to be! I know it can be done and done easily: I am doing it, so can you…

Medifast: The Diet Method Helping Seniors Lose Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is important for people of all ages.  As you get older, it becomes even more important so that you can maintain your overall state of health.  Medifast has meal plans specially designed to meet the needs of people over the age of 70.  They have developed a program called the Medifast for Seniors Program.  It is convenient and simple to follow.  Medifast emphasizes eating at regular intervals throughout the day.

With the help of a physician, you chose a meal plan that will work best for you.  Once you have selected a meal plan, you will be able to choose from Coupon for senior dietover 70 delicious Medifast Meals including shakes, soups, stew, chili, oatmeal, scrambled eggs, fruit drinks, iced teas, hot beverages, bars and puddings.  You also get to choose your “lean” meats and “green” vegetables and healthy snacks.  All in all, you are able to eat regularly and in a healthy manner specifically designed for adults in your stage of life.

Medifast also recommends that you have an exercise program that fits your needs.  Once again, you will need to work with your physician to find what will work best for you in your weight loss goals, but even those over age 70 should be exercising to some degree.

The Medifast for Seniors Program has proven successful for many adults over 70.  We would recommend it if you are looking for a healthy, reliable weight loss program.  If you are considering trying the Medifast weight loss program, there are coupons and specials available.  Click here to get $50 Medifast coupons.

Can Medifast Help Your Teen Lose Weight?

Sometimes weight lose can be hardest for those in their teen years.  Have you or your teen tried just about every diet plan out there, without success?  We have found that the Medifast for Teens Program has been very successful in helping teens reach their weight loss goals.  As a teen’s body continues to grow, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is crucial to his or her overall state of health.  Medifast has meal plans specially designed to meet the needs of adolescents 13-18 years of age.  The Medifast meal plans for teens are convenient, which is important for their busy lifestyles.  Like other Medifast meal plans, they emphasize portion controlled eating at regular intervals throughout the day.

Medifast can help you or your teen achieve the healthy weight that’s right for you.  Maintaining a healthy weight allows you to live life to the fullest.  More than 60 Medifast Meals are available on this plan to complement your healthy eating meal plan.  Medifast has been recommended by over 15,000 physicians and proven successful in multiple clinical studies.

The Medifast for Teens Program works by structuring a Weight Loss Plan or a Weight Maintenance Plan.  To start, your Body Mass Index is calculated so that you can determine which plan to choose.   Medifast recommends you consult a physician or pediatrician to help determine which plan is best for you.  The Weight Loss Plan is to help you reach your goal weight by promoting gradual weight loss through healthy food choices.  The Weight Maintenance Plan helps you maintain your current weight as you grow taller through healthy eating choices.  The Medifast Meals used for either plan will provide you with convenient, great-tasting, healthy, portion- and calorie-controlled foods that can be used either as add-ons or as snacks.  The Medifast for Teens Program is high in fiber, combining the unlimited use of whole grains, fruits and vegetables with fiber-rich Medifast meals.

The Medifast for Teens is a great program tailored specifically for those with a busy lifestyle.  It is especially important to teach teens who are struggling with weight loss early in life how to eat healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  We would highly recommend this program to all teens looking for success!

If you are considering starting the Medifast Diet Plan, you can find valuable coupons online to help you save money.  Click here for free Medifast coupons.

How to Get Type 2 Diabetes Diet Food Free or $50 Off

In this blog we will review clinical studies for 2 diet plans for type 2 diabetes, and offers for free diet food or $50 off promotions plus free shipping.

A good diet plan for those with type II diabetes is one that works along with your medicine and helps you lose weight in healthy way. Better plans do all that plus help decrease or even eliminate the diabetes medication, lower the blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol and triglycerides levels. A plan is no good if you can’t stay on it long enough, so the plan meals must have sufficient choices for variety and taste. Recent studies suggest 2 programs have done well for this:

  1. Medifast: 2 Weeks of Free Type 2 Diabetes Diet Food Coupon + Free Shipping
  2. Nutrisystem: 3 Weeks of Type 2 Diabetic Diet Plan Coupon + Free Shipping

Medifast Type 2 Diabetes Diet Plan Study Review

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A recent study at Johns Hopkins University compared various aspects of Medifast and American Diabetic Association (ADA) recommended diet for type 2 diabetes patients for 34 weeks. The study concluded that nearly quarter of the users on Medifast reduced or completely eliminated their diabetes medication, compared to NONE on the ADA recommended diet. In addition, those on Medifast lost twice as much weight, and twice as many participants stayed on the program as compared with the ADA program. Plus 28% more people lost at least 5% of their original weight on Medifast than an the American Diabetic Association (ADA) program. How do they achieve such consistent and effective results? Simple: They use low glycemic carbs that taste good, fill you up and offer variety (meals, shakes, bars, …). Their low glycemic food help maintain blood sugar levels and insulin – a key in diabetes management. They also control hunger and keep you feeling full for longer time. In addition to their free food offer, you can also use $50 off Medifast Coupon + Free Shipping to save money.

NutriSystem Type 2 Diabetic Diet Plan Study Review Dr. Gary Foster of Temple University School of Medicine published a detailed study in Journal of American Medical Association comparing NutriSystem D and the diabetes support and education program (DSE). The 3-month study showed that the Nutrisystem D participants lost 16 times more weight, reduced blood sugar levels 5 times more, and had greater reductions in cholesterol, triglycerides and A1C levels compared to the DSE group. NutriSystem D is a low glycemic diabetes diet nutritionally-balanced and conveniently pre-packaged structured plan that can help with weight loss as well as blood sugar / insulin level control. Here is one more money saving offer for them: NutriSystem $50 Off Coupon + Free Shipping.

People with type II diabetes have to do a balancing act with carbs, proteins, fats and calories, while keeping the blood sugar in control. These 2 programs show good results in this balance. Consult your doctor and pick the program that is right for you.