Nutrisystem flatulence: How to avoid Nutrisystem gas complaints

Several readers sent questions whether Nutrisystem flatulence was an issue, like Ultra slim fast gas complaints. After doing some research, and discussing the matter with a Nutrisystem diet counselor, it is my belief that Nutrisystem gas should not be an issue, especially with the tips below. Having said that, do keep in mind that any diet, especially in its early stages, may change your regularity. Here is how to avoid nutrisystem gas/flatulence.

When you start your nutrisystem weight-loss program, if you have symptoms of diarrhea, this means you were not eating sufficient fiber before starting your diet plan. So this sudden increase in fiber may cause diarrhea or gas. To help minimize these problems, you should use cooked vegetables instead of raw. The cooking process will help eliminate some of the fiber content. Fresh fruit should be replaced with canned fruit and juices.

Some individuals who suffer from diarrhea may have a common intolerance to milk called lactose intolerance. If you are lactose intolerant, Lactaid milk may be beneficial. Also, choosing more low fat protein choices instead of dairy choices will be helpful in this situation. NutriSystem has a Skim Milk Alternative, which is a Chewy Fudge Bar, that has calcium added as well. If the problem persists, please contact your physician.

Some people experience constipation when they are on a diet program. Your bowel movements may become smaller and less frequent because less food is ultimately consumed. If you feel constipated, you should consume high fiber fruits, vegetables and continue eating our NutriSystem food. Prunes are a good natural laxative to help with constipation. Three prunes would equal a fruit serving.

Water is also helpful in this situation. You should drink eight 8 oz. glasses of water per day to relieve as well as prevent constipation. General aerobic exercise can also stimulate the bowel and help with this condition.

Two tablespoons of Wheat bran can be added to the meal plan to help relieve constipation. You should also check to see that you are getting your fat serving for the day. Fat will help soften the stool. For any over the counter medicines or fiber supplements, you should consult with your Physician.

Health Policy: Please be sure to eat all the food that is recommended on the NutriSystem meal plan. You could be at risk of health issues if you do not maintain a healthy diet. Additionally, please refrain from starting the NutriSystem program if you are: pregnant, a nursing mother, under the age of 18, anorexic or bulimic, or allergic to peanuts. And please consult your physician before beginning any weight loss or exercise program.
Follow the simple steps listed above, and say bye-bye to nutrisystem gas and flatulence.

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