How to keep those pounds away for good (Part 1)

In an earlier post on Medifast Diet Review, we learned all about this weight loss program. One of the plus points of the Medifast Diet Plan is that it not only focuses on losing weight, but has a well thought out plan to keep your weight healthy even after you are done dieting. Medifast calls this a Maintenance stage.

When you reach your weight loss goal, you follow the maintenance plan. In this phase, you start eating the foods you did not eat during the dieting period. Some examples are whole grain, dairy products, and high carb vegetables. A controlled transition gets your body used to the high calorie foods and carbs so that you ease into the maintenance through this transition.

For Medifast weight maintenance, each week you increase the calorie intake by adding a new food group each week. the length of the transition depends upon the amount of weight you lost: For 50 or less pounds, use 9 weeks. For 50-100 pounds loss, use 12 weeks. Anything more, usMedifast diet coupon part 1e 16 weeks.  The transition period is divided into 4 stages:

  1. Stage 1: Add vegetables
  2. Stage 2: Add fruits
  3. Stage 3: Add dairy products
  4. Stage 4: Add whole grains

Stage 1 Medifast Diet Maintenance

In this stage, you can add any of your favorite vegetables that you were holding back so far. You can eat your 5 Medifast meals as usual, with 1 lean & green meal, and 1 cup of vegetables of your choice. You should increase your calorie intake to 900-1050.

Stage 2 Medifast Diet Maintenance

Add fruits in this stage. Fresh fruits are always better, but if you go with canned fruit, do make sure to get the ones without added sugar. Now you can eat 4 Medifast meals, 1 lean & green meal, 1 cup of vegetables and 1 medium size fruit. Te calorie intake stays 900-1050.

Stage 3 Medifast Diet Maintenance

Now you add dairy products like low fat yogurt, milk or other milk products. You can should everything from stage 2, and add a 1/2 cup low fat dairy product. The calorie intake increases to 1000-1150.

Stage 4 Medifast Diet Maintenance

In this final stage, add whole grains, which can be a slice of bread, half of english muffin, a cup of high fiber cereal, half a cup of whole wheat pasta, and half cup of brown rice. You should east 3 Medifast meals, 1 lean & green meal, 1 cup vegetable, 4-6 oz of not fried meat, or seafood, 2 fruits, 1 cup dairy and 1 whole grain of whole grain. he calorie intake now goes to 1350 to 1500.

After this transition, you are in weight maintenance phase. You will stay in this healthy phase to keep your weight at your goal without ever having to go on a diet. We will discuss the maintenance mode in part 2 of this article.

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