How to Get Type 2 Diabetes Diet Food Free or $50 Off

In this blog we will review clinical studies for 2 diet plans for type 2 diabetes, and offers for free diet food or $50 off promotions plus free shipping.

A good diet plan for those with type II diabetes is one that works along with your medicine and helps you lose weight in healthy way. Better plans do all that plus help decrease or even eliminate the diabetes medication, lower the blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol and triglycerides levels. A plan is no good if you can’t stay on it long enough, so the plan meals must have sufficient choices for variety and taste. Recent studies suggest 2 programs have done well for this:

  1. Medifast: 2 Weeks of Free Type 2 Diabetes Diet Food Coupon + Free Shipping
  2. Nutrisystem: 3 Weeks of Type 2 Diabetic Diet Plan Coupon + Free Shipping

Medifast Type 2 Diabetes Diet Plan Study Review

Diabetes Diet Coupon

A recent study at Johns Hopkins University compared various aspects of Medifast and American Diabetic Association (ADA) recommended diet for type 2 diabetes patients for 34 weeks. The study concluded that nearly quarter of the users on Medifast reduced or completely eliminated their diabetes medication, compared to NONE on the ADA recommended diet. In addition, those on Medifast lost twice as much weight, and twice as many participants stayed on the program as compared with the ADA program. Plus 28% more people lost at least 5% of their original weight on Medifast than an the American Diabetic Association (ADA) program. How do they achieve such consistent and effective results? Simple: They use low glycemic carbs that taste good, fill you up and offer variety (meals, shakes, bars, …). Their low glycemic food help maintain blood sugar levels and insulin – a key in diabetes management. They also control hunger and keep you feeling full for longer time. In addition to their free food offer, you can also use $50 off Medifast Coupon + Free Shipping to save money.

NutriSystem Type 2 Diabetic Diet Plan Study Review Dr. Gary Foster of Temple University School of Medicine published a detailed study in Journal of American Medical Association comparing NutriSystem D and the diabetes support and education program (DSE). The 3-month study showed that the Nutrisystem D participants lost 16 times more weight, reduced blood sugar levels 5 times more, and had greater reductions in cholesterol, triglycerides and A1C levels compared to the DSE group. NutriSystem D is a low glycemic diabetes diet nutritionally-balanced and conveniently pre-packaged structured plan that can help with weight loss as well as blood sugar / insulin level control. Here is one more money saving offer for them: NutriSystem $50 Off Coupon + Free Shipping.

People with type II diabetes have to do a balancing act with carbs, proteins, fats and calories, while keeping the blood sugar in control. These 2 programs show good results in this balance. Consult your doctor and pick the program that is right for you.

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