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The Secret of the Stars You Need to Know: NuKitchen Fresh NutriSystem

How to Eat Delicious Food and Lose Weight

Now you can eat like the Hollywood stars – for 6 bucks a meal! Nu-Kitchen, New York’s premiere fresh meal delivery program, has recently joined with NutriSystem to create a new, fresh (your food will be delivered fresh, not frozen) healthy meal plan for NutriSystem members: Nu-Kitchen Fresh. This is an amazing teaming. You not only get to eat incredible food prepared by chefs who are also cooking for A-list stars likes Sarah Jessica Parker and Molly Sims, but you also get to take advantage of the proven weight-loss science of Nutri System. Click HERE to get $30 off Nutrisystem NuKitchen Fresh Coupon + Free Shipping.

The foods prepared by Nu-Kitchen for the Nu-Kitchen Fresh plan are truly remarkable, and are all prepared to help you meet your weight loss goals. Omelets. Quesadillas. Savory roasts. Freshly baked desserts. The Nu-Kitchen Fresh plan will give you the most fresh and delicious meals designed to help you lose weight than you could even believe possible! NuKitchen Fresh has truly outdone itself.

Benefits of the Nu-Kitchen Fresh Plan:

  • Fresh, chef-prepared meals
  • All the food you need for the whole day, one breakfast, lunch and dinner and two snacks — You will no longer need to run to the grocery store to buy anything.
  • Over 100 different menu items – you can select Member’s Favorites or Choose Your Own: select only the meals that you like best.
  • Weight loss portioned
  • Wholesome, all natural foods
  • All for about $6 per serving. That’s about the cost of fast food for chef-prepared, delicious food!

Nu-Kitchen chefs freshly prepare your meal and snacks in their kitchens in New York, and then deliver them to you individually packaged and ready to be reheated and eaten in your own kitchen. It’s like having your own personal chef! One with your personal weight loss goals in mind at all times. Your food is healthy, fresh (and fresh food always tastes better), nutritious and delicious.

How Nutritious Is the Nu Kitchen Fresh Meal Plan? This part is important because you need to know what your NuKitchen Fresh meal will contain:

  • Calories: Averages 1400 calories daily
  • Daily Calorie Composition: On average, 44% good carbs, 34% healthy fat, 22% lean protein
  • Meal Composition: 3-4 oz. lean protein, 1 cup vegetables, ½ cup whole grains
  • Low in Saturated Fat: On average less than 10% of calories
  • Limited Sodium: Ranges from 200-523 mg. per meal, depending on meal
  • High in Fiber: On average 28g daily
  • Low in Sugar: Almost all meals average below 7g
  • No trans fats
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • No hydrogenated oils
  • Delivery: Weekly in a climate controlled cooler

This meal plan is great for all types of people and lifestyles. From the busy executive to the already health-conscious mom, this diet plan works for everyone. Nu-Kitchen Fresh offers star-quality meals to every woman and man. Health, diet and ease are top priorities of Nu-Kitchen Fresh.

What are the Advantages of the NuKitchen Fresh Diet Plan Over Other Diet Plans?

  • eDiets – Better tasting food — guaranteed
  • Jenny Craig – No need for counselor visits, meals are fresh, not frozen, and all for about the same price.
  • Weight Watchers – More convenient. No counting. All your meals are prepared for you specifically to meet your goals.

This is a no-brainer:
Lose weight with FRESH, chef-prepared meals from real, wholesome foods delivered right to your door! The Nu-Kitchen Fresh Diet Plan can offer you everything you are looking for at an incredibly reasonable price. In fact, with your first order you get a free day of meals, PLUS free shipping. Satisfaction is guaranteed — so you can try the plan risk free NOW. Why not try eating like the stars? You deserve it!

Click here to start this diet now and take advantage of Nutrisystem’s $30 off + free shipping offer.

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Jenny Craig Program Vs Nutrisystem weight loss plan comparison: The plain facts

The Jenny Craig program and NutriSystem weight loss program differ when it comes to the guidance on limiting the use of  the bad carbs in the diet meal plan.

Jenny Craig Vs Nutrisystem Comparison

As everyone knows, the bad carbs  can cause the blood sugar and insulin levels to jump, which in turn can cause the storage of fat.  The good carbs
break down slowly in your body, hence encourage stable blood sugar levels. The bad carbs break down very quickly, and hence cause the insulin levels to spike, and most often leave you hungry even after a meal. Both programs support moderate use of good carbs. To help pick the good carbs from the bad carbs (and make some profit along the way :-) ), the NutriSystem Nourish program features an entire line of foods specially-formulated to include good carbs, those with low glycemic values. If you do not know what glycemic values are, they measure the quality of carbohydrates and their impact on your blood sugar levels.  as you might have guessed, the good carbs have low glycemic values, and the bad carbs have high glycemic values.

If you purchase the supplements, make sure to use Nutrisystem coupons to get extra fee supplies. The Nutrisystem entrees and desserts have a balanced amount of protein while still remaining low in fat.

To summarize:

Jenny Craig Program Nutrisystem Program
Good Carbs Moderation Moderation
Bad Carbs Yes No
Protein Moderation! Moderation
Fat Moderation Moderation