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Atkins Diet Plan Vs Nutrisystem comparison: The plain facts

The very fundamental philosophies of both the plans are different. The Atkins diet plan’s main focus is controlling the amount of carb intake, while pushing protein. NutriSystem weight loss program does not like bad carbs wither, but it does include portions of good carbohydrates. Nutrisystem also includes proteins, but nowhere as much as the Atkins plan. Interestingly, both Atkins and Nutrisystem are fine with fats, although Nutrisystem recommends moderation on fats.Atkins Diet Vs Nutrisystem Comparison

To summarize:

Atkins Diet Plan Nutrisystem Program
Good Carbs No Moderation
Bad Carbs No No
Protein Lots! Moderation
Fat Yes (Protein fats) Moderation


From the table above, it is clear that nutrisystem diet is more balanced, preaching moderation in all things. One thing to remember when starting any diet is to remember how long you would be able to sustain it, and be able to function normally in your day to day activities without feeling miserable with cravings. Since you have more variety to choose from for nutri system, in my experience, you would be able to maintain a healthy weight over many years without continuously thinking about being on a diet.
In conclusion, I would recommend Nutrisystem diet plan over Atkins diet plan.